The Ozalj-Vivodina Wine Road

Wine road

The southern side of the Žumberak hills along the Kupa river valley is home to the 30 km long Ozalj-Vivodina wine road. The sun-bathed slopes of Vivodina, Lović and Vrhovac hills are ideal for vine growing, which is why today 80 hectares of the land is covered in vineyards.

The Vivodina region, hiding as many as 26 villages and settlements between deep dales, woods and wine-bearing hills, has long been known for vine growing. Of some 70 Vivodina certificates from the Middle Ages (from 1550 to 1776), 32 are purchase agreements through which local inhabitants sold or bestowed vineyards. Tradition has it that several manors were established in the area in the Middle Ages, the most powerful feudal lord being Vivoda, after whom the region was named. The very old village of Vivodina (first record dates back to the 14th century) is located on top of a hill offering a magnificent view. The scenery is marked by the slim, tall belfry of Saint Lawrence county church. Its exterior, and especially the interior with valuable inventory, are a work of excellent architects who created a particular building scheme, making this church one of the most valuable baroque monuments of the Ozalj region. The beauty of the Ozalj-Vivodina region was best described in a book of Davorin Trstenjak, a historian, “Travelling memoir”, where he states: “Those who haven’t seen the Kupa Valley from Saint Cross church above Lović haven’t seen the beauty of Croatia!“. Indeed, the lookout on top of Lović will enchant any visitor.

Vrhovac is definitely a wine-road stop you should not miss. it is interesting that almost any family in Vrhovac carries a last name after a trade they used do (Lončar or Potter, Kolar or Wheelwright, Bakarić or Cooper,...). A breathtaking countryside of mild hills, cultivated vineyards with little cottages (hisi) and small weekend-houses will warmly welcome not only fanciers of good quality wine, but also all nature lovers.

Next to this wonderful natural environment, the wine-road offers rich gastronomy as well. Wine-road visitors can enjoy top-quality wines which made this region famous. At households along the wine-road, kind and hospitable hosts will offer you good wining and dining at reasonable prices. Here you can enjoy high-quality white wine sorts such as Riesling, Sauvignon, Rheinriesling, Chardonnay and Yellow Muscat, as well as red varieties such as Pinot noir, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt and Portugiser noir.Do something for your body and soul and visit the Ozalj-Vivodina Wine Road.

Honey house – honey tasting

Ecological LOVRO KRNIĆ Family Run Farm

The Krnić family has been involved in apiculture and honey production for many years. By paying much attention to honey production and beekeeping, they produce honey without chemicals and heavy metals, which is achieved only by using natural resources and organic acids for bee-treatment and bee-hive cleaning. For this reason the Krnić Family Run Farm is entitled to use the “Ecologic Product of Croatia” sign that is given only those who meet strict production conditions. Vast experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are weaved in the production and beekeeping. Lovro Krnić also authored “Ecological Apiculture”, a book in which he gives advice and shares the experience of one of the first ecological beekeepers in Croatia.

If you want to learn more about honey and other products, visit the apiary, learn about bees' life and honey production, taste delicious honey-cakes and experience interesting tastes of different types of honey, you should definitely visit the Honey House! Kind and hospitable hosts shall you tell you how to do good by everybody: bees, environment and consumers, and how much time, effort and love needs to be weaved into each drop of honey that carries the ecological sign.

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