Eminent personalities

The Ozalj region was home to many eminent figures.

By all means, the most famous were the members of Frankopan and Zrinski families who resided in the Old Town of Ozalj. Both families belonged to high Croatian aristocracy and promoted Croatian culture for centuries. Indisputable is the significance which these two families had in the Croatian history, defence of national territory, culture, civil engineering and economy.

In the 17th century they represented the Croatian cultural life along with several other writers, and in the Croatian literature they are known as writers of the Ozalj literary circle. They wrote in the so called “hybrid” language of three dialects, a mixture of Kajkavian, Chakavian and Stokavian elements. They tried to create a language which would include all elements of the three Croatian dialects, so as to make it more understandable throughout the country. Literary and linguistic-standardization efforts of the Ozalj circle were abruptly interrupted with the crushing of Zrinski-Frankopan resistance in 1671, but we can only imagine what our region would be like if the course of history had been different! Croatian poet and writer A. G. Matoš wrote in “Jubilej” (Jubilee) magazine, in the edition of Hrvatska sloboda (Croatian Freedom) dated June 15, 1910: “By glorifying the last Zrinski and last Frankopan, we do not only glorify the most wonderful representatives of the old days in our nation, but we also glorify rare people, who were not born a hundred, but several hundred years too soon”.