Ban Petar Zrinski


After the death of his brother, Viceroy Nikola, Viceroy Petar Zrinski (1621-1671) continued the movement against the Viennese imperial autocracy together with Hungarian aristocracy. As everyone in his family, he was also a great warrior famous for the many battles he participated in, and even the King called him the “shield of Christianity and the source of Turkish dismay”. This famous hero's life ended in arrest, trial and beheading on April 30, 1671. In 1643 he married Countess Katarina Zrinski, a half-sister of Fran Krsto Frankopan. Their wedding feast was also held in the Zrinski Palace in Ozalj which was also their home. The farewell letter which Petar wrote to his beloved Katarina before the decapitation in Wiener Neustadt, starting with words “My dear heart...” is one of the most beautiful love letters of the era. In 1660 he published the Croatian translation and remake of his brother Nikola's Hungarian poem, “Adrianskoga mora sirene” (The Sirens of the Adriatic Sea).