Ana Katarina Frankopan Zrinski

1625. -1673.

Ana Katarina Frankopan Zrinski (1625-1673) was known as an erudite woman and a great patron of the Croatian arts. As the first lady in Croatia proper, she was not only a translator, but she also wrote many literary texts. She stood firmly by her husband Petar and helped him in political affairs. She published a translation of the German prayer book “Sibila”, and recently discovered poems of the talented Katarina have been published under the title “Raj duše” (Soul's Heaven). She spoke German, Hungarian, Latin and Italian. At home, in Ozalj, in 1660 she wrote a prayer book “Putni toveruš” (Travelling Companion), which is one of the most outstanding literary works of the Croatian baroque due to its linguistic and stylistic features.